Friday, 5 March 2010

"It's been a while"

I think its quite safe to say that this post is long over due, and I'd like to think that they will become more frequent but I doubt that this will be an accurate thought. So I'm at uni, taking a foundation course in art and design and hopefully starting a BA Hons course in either illustration or painting in September, continuing to live on soup and boiled cabbage... why does sushi cost so much?.... The course is amazing, the tutors in particular, I take pride in the fact that i feel I have become one of their shrinks, and its so awesome to be living on my own (well not on my own as such just away from family) and just finally feel like my life is taking off. Anyway I'll try to upload a little photo documentation of how I've spent the last few months of my life and the wonderfully weird things I've that brain of mine creates, and all the while try to keep my verbal diarrhea under control.... sound good?

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