Friday, 5 March 2010

"Sometimes you're a tourist with a camera, stealing souls for scrap books."

A small, no no minute if you will, smidgen or little taster of how I've been spending my time.
The plane we made in 4 days with no instructions or measurements,
and all materials were salvaged/ stolen from the local town and skip....
like i said I'm a student, only buy necessities.


Some photographs I took while i was in Madrid a few weeks ago.
Biggest regret not getting one of the toothless prostitue, Nadia.
Oh yes thats right we were on first name basis.

Weighted arm bands i made. Hmmm i dont know, maybe its from
having the devil's spawn as a younger brother?

As I said, just a few. Try extra hard this time to save a
little slice of time during the week for blogger.... maybe.

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