Thursday, 5 August 2010

"Just a boy in a story, Just a hallucinatory"

I have the biggest girl crush EVER! on Emily Blunt. She is awesome. Loved her from the very first time i saw her in Sunshine Cleaning and even more so in The Devil Wears Prada, and now her feature in ELLE. Although quite concerned that the photos of her don't actually look like her. I mean you can tell its her, but i dunno, if you were familiar with Emily before reading ELLE then you'll know what I'm talking about... hopefully.
So I was in London today, I went into Whistles, I fell in love. Like capital L love, no lets go out on a limb and say block capital, bold typeface, underlined love. And you are already aware of my current funds, or lack of, and so i left without the perfect perfect dress, that yes i stupidly tried on and become even more besotted with. sigh. I did however snag a cheaper dress and tshirt, that my mother dearest bought me, so not all was lost.
This will be a short post though, just a little update here, because I'm rather tired and need to walk my dog sooo .... so long, farewell.

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