Thursday, 12 August 2010

"I thank you for what you've done to my life"

So I woke up the best way possible this morning, to a coffee filled starbucks mug, an almond croissant, the return of my Nikon DSLR, and my brand new macbook and ipod touch. Pure euphoria. To top the day off, went out to buy myself a new pair of brown sport heeled boots. Awesome. I am definitely all set for the season ahead. Theres just one thing thats bothering me though, and that thing is the black and white painting that i was commissioned to do, it is one of the most trying pieces i have ever had to do. Its just not fun for me anymore. which affirms my choice of going into illustration rather than painting. Hey, look at that, there's the silver lining in that... well, that and the money that im getting paid to do it. anyway, im currently finishing off a piece im writing for the ELLE magazine competition. You know my whole profound and ardent love affair with ELLE already, so probably guess what kind of victory dance i'd do if i became a finalist. E P I C. eugh its raining and i need to go running with my dog, wahhhhh i don't wanna. sorry stuff is just flying out of my head left right and centre at the moment, i have like so many ideas for stuff to do when i start my course, im going to actually explode, i want to start! um im gonna go write a load of ideas, finish my article and runnnnn. Bye.

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