Tuesday, 15 September 2009


My room looks like a storage cupboard. I really never realised how much stuff I had, well I did, but I'd just hoped I wouldn't need to take it all to uni. Ahh the excitement! But also nerves annndddd stress that i still have so much to do. My i-pod decided that it would completely die on me the other week, ohh and guess what, I've bought it two months, yes two measly months over the year warranty ohhhhh. So i have an appointment with one genius at apple tomorrow who can hopefully revive the little piece of heaven that is my ipod, otherwise I have two options. Option one: dip into savings and buy a new one, running the risk of having to go without food or some other necessity at university, thanks to that recent splurge on a new leather jacket. ORRRR option two: live without music on the go, including while I'm painting (oh god noo) and just buy one at christmas. Horrific. The other predicament is getting passport photos when the photo shop has decided to be refurbished the week before I leave, fabulous. There I go rant, rant, ranting, god not really a very cheery second post, sorry kids. Any way my puppy is now biting at my ankles in need of some attention, but i promise to post more frequently, AND cheerily in the next couple of weeks when i actually have somewhere to sit and a decent internet connection. DEAL.