Sunday, 23 May 2010

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"One dark morning, she left without a warning"

It's all about to end. My course is finishing, the exhibition is up, the work has been marked, the walls just need a little touch up with paint, but then we are good to go. Most people have finished all their exams and have been hoarding boxes and books into their cars and completing the time that they are to spend in my life, because come september, I will not be returning to Buckinghamshire, I will be off to Westminster! Of course not everyone left quite as organised as others, my flatmate definitely left a lasting impression as he hadnt even begin to pack when his dad arrived, and searching through his room found an accumilated mass of everyone else's cutlery, clothes and DVDs, along with a rotting butternut squash and a tshirt from rugby initiations encrusted with vomit. But for me, I'm afraid my course doesn't finish until the 4th of June, and i go on holiday a week later. Why can't i move out in that week? Well my parents decided it would be an awesome idea to book their holiday then, and even if i was organised to the point of anal retention, it would defy the laws of physics to be able to bring everything back on the train, sooo i shall not be leaving this room, that i have called home for the past nine months, just yet, so expect more posts! Anyway, i'm very much looking forward to the exhibition really just to see everyone else's work, i mean not just those who specialised in other areas, (beens us visual communications rejects were sectioned and pretty much quaranteened over at the red shed) but even those in vis com, you get to see parts of work and may overhear ideas, but the finished product for our projects has kind of been a big hush hush, only to be unveiled at the exhibition opening. This is also slightly irritating as my parents will be on holiday for my exhibition and so they nor my grandparents will be able to see what ive been doing for the past nine months. But i guess its just one of those things.

It was my birthday on thursday. I don't know why im including this in my post, i mean its not like i feel anything different, or i suddenly woke up and had a beard or had developed an interest in cat grooming, but i just thought i should say... how odd. Nineteen, what a ridiculously boring age, well that's not true i guess a year is what you make it but still. It was my dad's birthday last month but i didnt get the chance to see him until last week when i went home and give him his present. i got him the new Jamie Cullum album becasue we are both big fans, and of course copied it to my laptop and its awesome! "Wheels" has to be my favourite but "If I Ruled The World" is a big competetor. I love that his voice isn't edited to the point of 'perfection' especially in "Im All Over It" the horseness really comes through at points and you can hear the rawness and purity really of his voice. Guys just so you know i am definitely no music boff and my techinical terms surrounding the subject are limited and quite frankly i may be talking out of my arse, so really i hope i dont offend anyone. But yeah i think perfection is something real really, something natural, not edited, not sugar coated, or rose tinted just as it is, and i definitely think Jamie Cullum has this quality. I tried to book tickets for us as kind of a joint my birthday and father's day present but the tickets work out as over £80 which i really cannot afford, not having a student loan this year really sucks, and next year even having a student loan day to day living is not going to be covered, why do i have to buy food? Seriously i mean food is expensive, even value stuff all adds up. Therefore the Jamie Cullum tickets at Kenwood house are a no go unfortunately. My brains just really in sleep mode at the moment, ive been at the park laying in the sun all day and I'm really not concentrating, so i think ill upload a few pictures in another post of some work. Oh and also exhibition pictures after ive taken them.............maybe.