Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pick Me Up

Typhoon see, yes. A few weeks ago I went to the Pick me up exhibition at Somerset house, I think I posted pictures from last years before, but yeah its a great show, I've been taught by a few of the illustrators that were exhibiting so its always nice to see where their advice has got them. 


I swear its not cheating but I'm doing a multi post. Since the start of the year I've been lucky enough to work with Kameleon, a brand engagement company. Apart from being a really friendly bunch, they do some awesome stuff, including P&G's 'Thank You Mum' campaign They're great documentaries and I'm so stoked that I got to make the storyboards for them. 


...kinda, sorta, really neglected my blog, well, for like ages now so with all good intentions this will be the first of a stream of posts (hopefully) so big, in fact that it won't be a stream but typhoon, yup a typhoon of posts, that will give you an idea of what has kept me so busy these past few months...and no it wasn't re-runs of Gilmore girls, sadly. 

This is my response to the D&AD moving image brief about creative workstations I previously posted about. Um yes, your right the scene actually didn't get used at all, but anyway this is the final piece. enjoy.