Saturday, 2 April 2011


So went to the Pick Me Up exhibition the other week which was really awesome. I'd spent the first half of the day at Tate Modern in the Gabriel Orozco exhibition for some inspiration for my animation project. It was a very different take on everyday objects but there was definately some ideas in there that i could draw out, i especially liked the "first there was spit" (? i think thats what they were called) pieces. Really good fun and thought provoking at the same time. Anyway back to pick me up, of course there were more immediate connections to be made with the work here, and a lot of work i'd already come across, but it was just a testament really to what i could be doing in a few years. It was a great selection of work from the likes of Tom Gauld, Nobrow, Eda Akaltun (have been very fond of her work for a while) and actually some of my tutors work was on sale there, which was kinda cool to see. Had a little go at their collage workshop they'd set up too, and here's a few photos i took.