Wednesday, 17 March 2010

"I am heaven sent and don't you dare forget....ask me what its like to have myself so figured out, i wish i knew"

Don't you just love brand new? They have such amazing lyrics, as do my favourite band ever like in the whole wide world, He is Legend. Ohhh mann words cannot describe my love for them, best line has to be "picking the scabs that have grown from our minds" ohhh wait or "There's a monster in my room we discuss movies over coffee." ohh i can't decide, but if you haven't heard them before, DO IT NOW! GO! stop reading this post and go! Anywho, so not too much more has happened since my last post, it has only been two days i guess, but what i have been working on is mfp (my final project). Well you didn't know i was starting it, you re eager to know what its all going to be about, well, young children, i shall enlighten you. As do most of us, i enjoy sauntering down to Starbucks once in while, and, over a nice venti latte with a shot of almond please, be a nosey bugger and watch people. So this is what i shall be doing. Well, its a little more specific, but i will be observing the mannerisms and idiosyncrasies that belong to individuals. I've spent the last couple of days staring and sketching unsuspecting victims around the university, well i did get caught by one smart little fella who turned round and stared at me instead for around five minutes, while i tried desperately to appear as if i was doing no such thing and simply letting my eyes wander around the room. The extent of my project won't just be sketching though, don't fret, i have a million and one ideas buzzing around this old noggin of mine to progress with the idea, that, hopefully, will be as good in practice. I'll keep you informed. I'm resisting the urge to go out tonight so i can get a bit of work done, silly st. Patrick's day, why can't you encourage people to stay in and do work? not have a good old knees up and drink? Ok, maybe i can see why, but you are making it so very hard for me to be good! As is blogger... so I'll be off, making weird and wonderful things the spue out of my brain and onto a page, peace out.

Friday, 5 March 2010

"Sometimes you're a tourist with a camera, stealing souls for scrap books."

A small, no no minute if you will, smidgen or little taster of how I've been spending my time.
The plane we made in 4 days with no instructions or measurements,
and all materials were salvaged/ stolen from the local town and skip....
like i said I'm a student, only buy necessities.


Some photographs I took while i was in Madrid a few weeks ago.
Biggest regret not getting one of the toothless prostitue, Nadia.
Oh yes thats right we were on first name basis.

Weighted arm bands i made. Hmmm i dont know, maybe its from
having the devil's spawn as a younger brother?

As I said, just a few. Try extra hard this time to save a
little slice of time during the week for blogger.... maybe.

"It's been a while"

I think its quite safe to say that this post is long over due, and I'd like to think that they will become more frequent but I doubt that this will be an accurate thought. So I'm at uni, taking a foundation course in art and design and hopefully starting a BA Hons course in either illustration or painting in September, continuing to live on soup and boiled cabbage... why does sushi cost so much?.... The course is amazing, the tutors in particular, I take pride in the fact that i feel I have become one of their shrinks, and its so awesome to be living on my own (well not on my own as such just away from family) and just finally feel like my life is taking off. Anyway I'll try to upload a little photo documentation of how I've spent the last few months of my life and the wonderfully weird things I've that brain of mine creates, and all the while try to keep my verbal diarrhea under control.... sound good?