Friday, 25 May 2018


Recently I worked with Casquette, a cycling magazine aimed at women. It was a pretty quick turn around but I'm super happy with the illustration. I knew my colour palette from the start which is unusual for me as that's normally something I experiment with once I have my idea. The article discussed riders superstitions and rituals, like never bringing a podium cap with you to the race or placing the number 13 upside down. One rider Yvonne McGregor, explained how she used to always have her porridge in the same bowl but now she exclaims "give-me-my porridge-and-my bike-and-I'll-ride-it-with-avengeance" which I chose to illustrate. Here's the final. As always, its a blessing to work with clients whose product you love and that are super friendly and great at what they do.

And here are the roughs.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Financial Times

Last week I was asked to create an illustration for the Financial Times Weekend book review section (I know, you're thinking 'oh my god' an update about work that didn't happen six months ago! I'm trying guys). The book was Curtis Sittenfield's 'You think it, I'll say it' which is a collection of short stories, so a little difficult to illustrate. I loved creating the roughs for this, its not often that I illustrate character interaction like this. I wanted to create a lot of tension between the two, so I played with a lot of scale and also objects, such as the rear view mirror and democratic elephant air freshener to slice through the two, disrupting the kiss and setting up an opposition. I read these kind of stories and columns all the time and think it's really good practice for any illustrator to read news papers as you're always forming these images in your head even when you're not illustrating them. Such a great commission with a pretty fast turn around but I found the ideas came pretty easily and am really happy with how it turned out. Here's the final.

And here are the roughs.