Tuesday, 13 April 2010

"The kind of song that people glad to be where they are with whoever they're there with."

Today was one of those days where you wake up and everything just makes you feel nostalgic and content in where you are and dream of whats to come. Why was it one of those day? Well the cause for this feeling of elation was the sun of course. I mean i have to say i don't dislike winter, i actually love it, our family have some huge Christmas ritual that like starts at the beginning of November, and my dad is like the biggest kid ever, and the snow makes everything look absolutely magical, buuuuttt, when you wake up mid january and its cold and pouring with rain and christmas has been and summer nowhere to be seen, experiencing some seasonal depression is very plausible. Any way off the point a bit, but i like sun, sun is good. I'm back at uni now and have a whole week to endure alone at the flat because some silly person thought that 3 weeks off at easter for the foundation art students was too long and we should only have 2 weeks instead, and it looked like everyone agreed, so, here i am, on my day off (i say day off but i have a mountain of work to do so its just a day i dont have to physically be in uni really) and i am lonesome. But not alls lost, a couple of my friends came to pick up some more stuff that they'd left here, and so we decided to have a saunter down to the pub, sit in the garden and enjoy a couple of drinks in the sunshine. And so my day has been good.
A little update on mfp, i was making hands out of paper mache a few weeks ago and got them out the other day and to my horror, mould had sprouted EVERYWHERE! How or why i do not understand, however it meant i had to throw the m away immediately. Which surprisingly, lead to an even better idea of making up chunks of plaster of paris and carving them from that instead, and you know what, the idea wasn't just good in theory but in practice too. result. Any way i got a lot of work done over the two weeks, it was just a little sporadic, so now i just have the task in somehow, defining it all and almost fine tune it down to one kind of area. But overall, i'm making good progress. Well i think that's all i have to say really, oh apart from im in love with Thomas Newman, his songs are featured in all my favourite films, Meet Joe Black; Road to Perdition; Green Mile; American Beauty; Jarhead, seriously they're amazing, for something instrumental that can make you feel soo much its incredible, i'd definitely say go out of your way to listen. Any way, Im quite content in sipping my fruit tea and sketching, so adieu!