Thursday, 15 July 2010

"If its a broken part replace it, if its a broken arm then brace it, if its a broken heart then face it"

I come bearing gifts, in the form of photo uploads.

Acrylic on canvas.

Plaster of paris heads, two of which are working automata.

My pieces in the exhibition, on the topic of mannerisms.

A few cover art ideas i came up with for a local band
Lamplight, they're awesome,
check them out here:

Thursday, 8 July 2010

"I've been corresponding with my sanity"

I feel soo nautious. Eugh its horrible. Any way on a lighter note, my results came through and i recieved a distinction for level 3 and a distinction for level 4 foundation art....AWESOME, securing my place at westminster. Really debating whether or not to upload some photos of a few outfits ive been favouring, i took photos as a visual log really on what clothes i should take to uni in september because after filling over three suitcases with clothes to take home this year i realised that i should really condense my wardrobe. Hmmm i dunno maybe i will, maybe i wont. What i will do though is ramble on about a few things that i can't get enough of at the moment. No.1 is Jason Mraz's album We Sing We Dance We Steal Things, I know it was released a while ago now, and I'd listen to a few tracks on this and his other albums, but i recently bought it for my Dad, because of his long commute to work so i was being the favourite daughter i am and being thoughtful... anyway completely off track, i had a listen to it, and honestly can't get enough! Track 7 ( i think?) has to be my favourite, i really cant remember what its called but its really chill and has a sample at the start and end of a guy talking on an answer phone, saying something about an ocean of diorhea? Haha anyway it's great, props to Jason. Another thing is ELLE's June 2010 issue with around half a dozen paper folds in it. Ok so its Eco friendly, yeah save the environment and all that shiz (not that i dont care about that stuff its just not the reason im blogging about it) I just really, really love the way the images looked on the paper, it didnt give off a high sheen or gloss so i dunno, in a way the pages look more personal, i think i like it so much becasue it reminds me more of a book, I have a thing with books and forests and oceans for that matter, but anyway yeah i just really like them, also the pastels of the blossoms looked a lot softer with the texture... so yeah i guess its a lot better for the earth and looks better in my opinon so i say go for it! Umm next just briefly the album art for jack johnsons newsest album, very nice, makes me very nostalgic and want to surf. Ohh annnnddd a/w 2010, first thoughts i NEED the celine 'it' bag, and to be honest i think that thats everyones first thoughts at the moment. Ederm i think will most probably be my go to designer for the season, with the knitted ponchos and jumpers with those amazing fur snow boots from D&G. Of course the camel coat is going to be one of the biggest trends and just camel in general (colour not the animal!) but having invested in several coats last autumn winter, I'll just have to steal my mum's for a while. Also i am crazy about the sheepskin, wow, but again i have the same problem. I will be purchasing a new pair of brouges though, I've seen my dream pair in one of the most unsuspecting places, Marks & Spencer! Their M&S's 'Footglove' collection too so actually feel like butter on your feet and in a gorgeous berry colour which will add a pop to my chaps i plan to wear them with. Mui Mui's goreous lace dresses will also be on my wish list, or just the much cheaper version from Zara. Ahh sorry babble. Still feel sick I'm going to go take a tablet so i dont barf... lovely.