Saturday, 13 November 2010

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Wilhelm Sasnel

Beautiful paintings.

Alexander Farto

Amazing large scale street art from the Portuguese artist living in London.

Michelle Vandermeer's mini majellen

Diane Victor

Has produced these lovely fragile images by catching smoke from a candle on paper. Works incredibly well in conveying the ephemeral ad delicate lives of the HIV positive community members.

"Pointless Nostalgic"

Some of my photographs I though I'd upload.

"I said I'd never leave your side, but I'm exhausted."

So I've completed my first project. Very fun brief, which allowed a lot of scope for ideas and outcomes, entitled "NEW ZOO" the criteria was to promote ZSL London Zoo dispelling the image of sad animals trapped in cages. I decided to create an animation for a digital escalator panel in tube stations around London, here it is: