Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Alan Baker

The work of Alan Baker amazes me. The balance of mediums is
perfect every time, setting one another off to excite and surprise
the audience at every inch of the page.
Beautifully executed illustrations.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Book Fair

I recently saw the London Art Book Fair at the Whitechapel Gallery in London and found the most fantastic hand made book comprised of a black and white photograph on the right hand page of the spread and a beautifully delicate water colour of women's underwear on the right page. Unfortunately the gallery got a little busy and i was unable to get the price or even the artist's name, something i largely regret. The day was not at all lost though because there was enough inspiration crammed into that relatively small space to keep my brain ticking over with ideas for the next year. There was also the recent exhibition at the V&A museum, which i believe to still be there, showing the work of illustrator of the year and also student illustrator of the year, whose work i actually enjoyed best of all. To know that its a possibility to have my work exhibited whilst still being a student is an element of hope i will hold on to for quite some time.

... Oh and on a side note, I got my nose pierced.

"Ways of Seeing"

I've been reading the book Ways of Seeing by John Berger, and it has changed my whole perception of not only the art world but ... well i guess everything. It's a must read for anyone interested in art, mass media or just the notion of culture. It changes the way we look at not only high art but of the middlebrow and low culture, questioning if an image can really be accessible to all cultures, and if it can what does this mean for the more traditional forms of oil paintings, and galleries for that matter. Has originality and uniqueness been destroyed? Ok well i could go on for a while here, but it is truly a magnificent book and worth a mention on here.

Petros Varnava

Now I'm not usually a lover of type, but in a sense this isnt type, it's busting to be an image
and works so very well. Reminds me of the work of Oded Ezer:

Michael Tseng

I have a very big obsession with NASA, I love NASA and so these soft little graphical
beauties by Michael Tseng have instantly become a favourite of mine.