Tuesday, 8 June 2010

"Why do I keep hitting myself over the head with a hammer? Becasue it feels so good when I stop"

That has to be my favourite saying ever! It just like totally fits my, i dunno, whole ethos on life. Work your ass off and then at some point it will pay off, in a great, fantastic, sigh of relief, total state of euphoria way. So I've completed my course at Bucks. The exhibition opened last week and will be running alongside the grad shows up until the 17th and i have to say it looks pretty good, i admit i was pretty sceptical as to how proffessional the whole thing would look especially when the tape was peeling off of the walls and paint was dripping from the walls to the floors, but i was pleasently surprised on opening night. Anyway so im back at home for a week, although not moved out yet, because im traveling up to bucks in order to pick up my suitcase and vacate Enlgand jetting off to sunny sunny Kos (fingers crossed anyway!). Here, i plan to embody that state of euphoria, to relax on the beach drink my penacollada, and party very hard until the sun rises in the early hours of the morning. And to show how ridiculously organised i am, a week and a half before i was due to depart, lists had been drawn up, sketches of outfits and colour palletes filled the pages of my sketch book, and my suitcase was fully packed. Yes, i know, i have A.D.D. So out of boredem i also began to pack the contents of my room and then the kitchen into boxes, and was left with pretty much nothing else to do with everyone moved out, so i came home. Anyway that was completely pointless, but i'll post exhibition photos in a bit, bye kids.